Saturday, October 25, 2008

Artist Lineup

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Great news!
We have managed to confirm most of our line up for the 21/11 gig.
The night will be a big one (sheerly taking into account the number of people performing!)

10k Free Men & Their Families, as previously mentioned, will be back in Melbourne, rocking out with his gameboy out.
Dot.AY will be making his way to Melbourne from Sunny QLD for some breakcore influenced 8-bit sounds.
Melbourne's own Talkshow Boy will also be performing some of his impressive, hilarious and downright awesome rhymes over some sweet beats.
And, of course Slurry Beats Collective will be back for more DJ interludes, spinning some of the latest and greatest chiptunes.

As always, more details as they come to hand



Ahhh man! I totally want to go to this. Just not in town / even the country that night :-/ Have an awesome night though!!

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