Friday, November 28, 2008

Sound Bytes Round Two

Friday, November 28, 2008
Friday 21/11 saw SoundBytes Round @ hit Softbelly Bar in Little Bourke St, for another night of chiptune mayhem.

The night started early with people wandering in to play Mario Kart and a plethora of old school gaming titles on MAIM boxes while they soaked up Softbellys retro feel in their exceptionally comfy couches.
Once it hit 9 o'clock we were flooded with arrivals to see MC Talkshow Boy take the mic for a set all of his own, getting the party well and truly started with his brilliant lyrics and hiphop beats.
Next up, fresh from his flight from not so sunny Brisnbane (not so sunny at the moment anyway!) we had Dot.AY hit the stage with his Gameboy, guitar hero and DDR dance mat in tow. AYs, breakcore influenced style rocked the crowd with some heavier noise than patrons of the last gig would remember and the crowd loved it, especially being able to interact with the DDR mat!
Last but not least, our stylishly attired hero (see pics), 10K Free Men & their Families returned to Sound Bytes with his own special brand of insanity, table dancing and chiptune beats. Despite playing about half a dozen variations on Happy Birthday for the birthday boy in the house, the crowd still requested an encore which gave us an opportunity to enjoy more of the show.
All in all, despite a couple off issues with the sound (dancing feet and cables do not mix boys and girls) and the bass being 'too loud' for the venue (which is almost a source of pride for all concerned) the night was a big success with a happy crowd and lots of curious onlookers very interested in finding out what was going on from the front room.
Next gig is probably early '09 - stay tuned to for more details as they come to hand.
Many thanks to Tom, Adrian, Alex, Maddy, the slurry crew and everyone who made the night a success.



great work peeps! Can't wait for the next one!

There's also a DS-10 Jam happening at Morebass this sat as part of the if? records party

more info here:

If anyone's interested in joining in hassle me on myspaz or something :)

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