Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jim Cuomo

Thursday, March 26, 2009 0
Hey all,
Just a quick note - we went and saw Jim Cuomo do his thing at 303 last night - a massive set that was almost two hours, with some great little stories about the tracks and he played songs from both 'Ole' and 'Defender of the Crown' which was a special treat.
The man is awesome, and it's a shame that there wasn't a bigger turn out to see his other show! He wants to play earlier in the evening, so make sure you're there earlier rather than later and see one of the pioneers of chip play.

PS - Digihorn = massive win.
PPS - We'll try and get a set list up later today :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sound Bytes Round 3 - Fight!

Sunday, March 15, 2009 1
A lack of internet has prevented earlier announcements of the forthcoming Soundbytes Round 3, but finally(!) we are able to announce the next gig!
March 27th, upstairs at Queensberry Hotel, cnr of Swanston and Queensberry Streets in Carton, we are thrilled to be holding Soundbytes Round 3!
Joining Soundbytes regulars, 10K Free Men and Their Families and Slurry Beats Collective - featuring, for the first time, Astro Zombies and also returning artist Derris Kharlan, are a couple of new (to Soundbytes) acts, Maddest Kings Alive and our very special guest from the USA, Jim Cuomo!

The night will have free entry and will have a film crew from ABC2's 'Good Game' in attendance to record the show for an uncoming Chiptune segment. As always, there will be retro games to play, some awesome retrotech acts to see and many drinks to have.

The night starts at 8 (although the pub will be open downstairs earlier, some come in early for after work drinks). Stay tuned for more news as it comes to hand...

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