Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Game Sound Bytes

Friday, April 3, 2009
It may have taken a week to put an update from last weeks gig online, but I promise, we didn't forget - it's just that Telstra couldn't organise their way out of a paperbag - and it has left dpad phoneless and internetless!
Last Friday night was SoundBytes Round 3 at the Queensberry hotel. 'Our' new artists, Jim Cuomo and Maddest Kings Alive, along with Astro Zombies were fantastic and our 'older' ones, 10K Free Men and their Families and Derris Kharlan, improve every single time I see them.

As you probably know, footage from the event, along with interviews with 10K, Jim and other friends of Dpad, little-scale and dot.AY will be appearing on Good Game, this Monday night at 8:30 on ABC2, and we will also link to the vodcast from this site - personally I cannot wait to see it!

We are also planning a revamp of the website - as soon as the internet situation is sorted, and as part of that will be making the audio from the most recent gig available here, as well as photos, and even some video - so keep an eye out for it.

Next Soundbytes is being planned for July - date is almost confirmed, and will be announced once we have more details.



i just found out about this from reading about tonighs coming sp of GG.. and well im ashamed that i didnt know about it earlier. so id have to say count me in for the next gig! sounds like alot of fun! i remember my old love of chip music once again!


An amusing and entertaining GG article tonight. quick question guys - why did you rely on the devil for your internet???? :D
D and I have given you permission to post pics from the last gig you know... Oh yeah, pwned by an internet provider. I forgot. lol. Prepaid wireless while you wait perhaps?

dpad productions

Hey Stanna, nice to see that someone's wound up here because of the interview. Next gig is in mid July, more details to come once we have more than one artist confirmed ;)

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