Monday, June 20, 2011

SoundBytes 9 - Sydney Showcase

Monday, June 20, 2011

Aah winter. The days are cold, it's wet and windy and Summer seems like a million years away.
Well, we're bringing a bunch of guys from slightly warmer climates to Melbourne , launching a couple of highly anticipated EP's and warming you up with some of Australia 's hottest and grimiest chip sounds.

SoundBytes 9, on July 8 showcases the best of Sydney 's chipmusic with some of your favourite chip artists.
Fresh from his triumphant US tour - including playing the biggest chipmusic festival in the world, Blip Festival NY, 10K returns to Melbourne with his own particular brand of chip insanity.

Accompanying him to Melbourne we have godinpants - whose killer performance at SB8 rocked our socks off - Vicious Cyclist - who will be heading to Melbourne, with his brand new EP and amigas in tow for his very first show south of the border and Abortifacient who will be collaborating with electro nerdcore master and local legend Bankai with tracks from their brand spanking new release Bankai Vs Abortifacient. (the teaser of which got people talking across the world wide web - you can see it )

Of course we haven't forgotten our local talent with pselodux and maddest kings alive - both of whom have a plethora of brand spanking new material ready to get your booty shaking

As always, $10 presales at


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