Thursday, August 4, 2011

SoundBytes does Japan!

Thursday, August 4, 2011 0
We are super excited to announce that Soundbytes is goin international! We will be presenting a post- Blip Festival Tokyo showcase on October 24 featuring both Australian and international artists!

More information as it comes to hand. Get yourself along to Blip Tokyo if at all possible. It is one of the highlights of the chip calendar and well worthwhile if you can snag some discount fares!


We are involved with Freeplay this year by helping set them up with some local chip artists to play their Friday night pre-party.

Freeplay is Australia’s longest running independent games festival exploring the intersection of indie development, culture, arts and education and we actually did a show case for them a couple of years back.

The artists in question - Derris-Kharlan, cTrix, Maddest Kings Alive and Pselodux will be joining Technodrome to provide entertainment for what should be a super fun night!

More info
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