Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lucky SoundBytes 13 - 18/01

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Despite the fact we have plans already in the works for another couple of future SoundBytes (both in Melbourne and outside it) all the way up til the middle of next year (or maybe a little after the middle wink), that plan didn’t include a show before Square Sounds Melbourne. Then, we heard that a personal favourite of one of the SoundBytes team was coming to Australia, and we jumped on the opportunity to bring him down to Melbourne, show him a good time and have him play a show.

A_Rival has released not only some of the best hip-hop and rap to come out of the chip scene (with some exceptionally clever lyrics) he is also involved in numerous other projects, most recently the soundtrack for the fan made Street Fighter Vs Mega Man that seems to be gaining buzz all over the internet and it's only being released TODAY! By all accounts his live shows are super fun, and this will be his only Melbourne show.

Joined by cTrix, Derris-Kharlan, Maddest Kings Alive and - for his first SoundBytes in far too long – 10K. This show will be something extra special to start your countdown to Square Sounds Melbourne.

$10 pre sales at http://www.trybooking.com/39387
La Di Da Champagne Lounge
18/01 from 8pm

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jan show

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So we have managed to secure one of our favourite international artists in January! He just happens to be in the country and as soon as we heard we tried to get him to Melbourne to play for you guys and it's happening!
Venue and full line up yet to be confirmed, but will be on the 18th of the 1st, so I hope no one is leaving town for a Summer holiday! This will be the last show before the Square Sounds preparty (details yet to come) and is going to be EXTRA special!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Square Sounds Melbourne!

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As you may or not be aware, Blip Festival finished  up with the recent Blip Tokyo - however that's not going to stop us from bringing you some of the world's best chip acts.

Square Sounds Melbourne - the world's newest chipmusic and retrotech festival (with additional stops that will include Tokyo in Autumn!) - has it's first show planned for Feb 2013 - and with the Australian part of the crew behind Blip Festival the organisers, you can guess that it will be an amazing event packed with live music and visuals as well as additional side events like workshops and screenings, and a line up that will rock your world!
First round artist announcements (approximately half the lineup)
Cheapshot (UK/JP)
Chronic Sans (MEL)
cTrix (MEL)
Doshy (DE)
Jayson Haebich (MEL)
Mr. Spastic (US/IT)
Omodaka (JP)
Other Places (MEL)
starPause (US)
Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/461401130570339/
Website : http://www.squaresoundsfestival.com
Twitter : @Square_sounds
Hashtag #SSFEST

Monday, September 10, 2012


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SoundBytes12 has a line up packed with friends from across the ditch, here to put their very kiwi stamp all over Melbourne’s chip scene.

If you go online looking for ways to describe $noregazZzm (http://snoregazzzm.bandcamp.com)  no two explanations are alike. Some of the words used are ‘spastic’, ‘snotty’, ‘parodic disco’ ‘party oriented’ and  ‘great fun’. He’s heading to Melbourne with frequent tour-mate Fauxhound
(http://fauxhound.bandcamp.com), who is self-described as “New Zealand’s answer to 10K” which pretty much will tell you everything you need to know about the type of insanity this show is going to be.

You may have been blown away by our other kiwi (who is now a based here in Burn city) A_Art (http://aart.bandcamp.com) at the last Soundbytes.  We sure were and are super excited to have him back on a bill to join his countrymen this time around.

We haven’t forgotten the Aussies. Crowd favourite, cTrix (http://soundcloud.com/ctrix) will be fresh back from his European tour playing to huge crowds alongside some chip favourites like Henry Homesweet, Sabrepulse, Cheapshot and 8GB. Expect new tracks, old favourites, and as always, amazing tunes. Our other Melbournite, Pselodux (http://pselodux.bandcamp.com), returns to SoundBytes with amazing 80’s style, synth-leads, and prog rock stylings to get you dancing. Backing these guys up is Abortifacient (http://soundcloud.com/abortifacient) playing his last Aussie show before he heads to Japan for a tour that includes Blip Tokyo!

SoundBytes 12
28/09 @ la di da, Melbourne
Presale $10 http://brk.to/sbtix
Door $15

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mailing list (again)

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So, little known to us, the mailing list signup that you may have found on one of our earlier entries didn't actually work. If you're interested in getting what are actually quite infrequent, but useful emails from us, please sign up below Subscribe to our newsletter

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturdays set times

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Doors at 7:30!
All going to plan, prior to 8:30 we will be streaming LIVE from Tokyo an extra dose of chip goodness from the Famicom MAD NES show which features amazing artists such as Chibitech and Hally!

8:30 -9:00  Slato
9:15 - 9:45  A_Art
10:00 - 10:30  Derris-Kharlan
10:45 - 11:15 DF0:BAD
11:30 - 12:00  Maddest Kings Alive
12:15 - 12:45  dot.AY
1:00 - 1:30  Peaches the Wale

Remember, you can buy tickets at http://brk.to/sbtix right up til 12pm on Friday for $10+BF, or there will be plenty available on the door!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A_Art joins the lineup for SoundBytes11

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For the last several soundbytes we've been trying to get a particular kiwi expat on one of our lineups.

Plans have changed, the planets have aligned and we're very excited to add A art to the SoundBytes lineup. You may have seen him at one of his many gigs around town, either with his chip stuff or with his band ScotDrakula and we know that you're going to love what he does.

Only a couple more weeks to go til the show - make sure you're sharing with your mates!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SoundBytes 11 Announcement

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That’s right, SoundBytes is back for our first post-Blip show, with a new night and a new venue and some new names who are lighting up the chipmusic scene.

First up for his first SoundBytes we have Slato, who was a regular at Mana Bar Brisbane’s “Pocket Music” nights. You may have seen his awesome performance at the recent open mic, and he’s bringing his gameboys back to Melbourne to get you moving.

Next up, rebelling against the game boys we have a double shot of Amiga epicness from two of Sydney’s finest. DF0:BAD who you may have previously seen performing as Vicious Cyclist will be a gabber kick to the face, while Australia’s favourite performing “wale”, Peaches along with her dad godinpants, will be performing amazing aquatic inspired jungle d&b for your listening pleasure.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten our local talent, with Maddest Kings Alive, Derris-Kharlan and dot.AY rounding out what is sure to be a stellar lineup. And, just for a little something extra special, with an AV setup like The Order has (trust us it’s amazing!), we’d be crazy not to have visuals too to round out the evening so for the first time at SoundBytes we have Abortifacient and iLKke (yeah the guy that makes our amazing posters!!) ensuring that you’re not only getting the audio chip experience but spectacular visuals too.
$15 on the door, $10 presales here

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Game SP: Chiptune Musicians

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Good Game put together another awesome little piece for their shows using the footage that they filmed over Blip Australia weekend.
This one, on Good Game SP, their kid's show, rather than being about Blip, is focussed on what chipmusic is, and might just have some of their viewers hunting for dads old game boy.

The videos not imbed friendly, but you can watch it on their webpage

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blip Festival Australia 2012

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It's been far too long since we have posted for you guys. We realise that most people follow our SoundBytes facebook page to get their news about SoundBytes, so during the leadup to blip, we admit our focus has been there and on the Blip Site.

Now that it's all past we can do a little bit of a wrapup.

The four days of Blip (if you include the pre and post parties) were just amazing, with performances from a massive line up of Australian and international performances - not only chip ones, but we were incredibly fortunate to have a super special guest, Amanda Palmer, take part doing a track with dot.AY

We also had a surprise special guest for those people who stuck around to the end of Saturday with a short and sweet cTrix set that rocked the house.
We also had special guests in the form of Good Game
who were on hand to film the event, do some interviews
and, it would appear generally rock out and have a good time.

The segment appeared on Good Game earlier this week and
was incredibly well recieved by gamers and chipmusic fans alike.

We also had a very successful open mic and discovered some great new talent who you might just see on a SoundBytes bill later in the yearm both a combination of names we had heard of before and some new stars in the making too, which was super exciting for us.

There was a large number of interviews and press appearances
both online, in print and on the radio, so we'll be linking to as many
of these as we can in a future update (rather than overwhelm this one
update, so keep an eye out!

There are some awesome photoes online, the ones that we have been lucky to have shared with us are available on photobucket but we've featured a few in this article too

We're already talking about the next SoundBytes, and even another
festival next year, so as always, watch this space!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blip Update

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Ok, we've been super lax updating the sound-bytes blog. The blip webpage has taken priority with constant updates and new info being added.
So, what have we missed putting here?
1) line up additions.  Monodeer (NL), Jayson Haebich (Melb), Old Grey Wolf (NZ) and Gentle Hurst (Syd) have now joined the lineup
2) Workshops and panel discussions. This is such a good list. We're doing multiple workshops on the Saturday You can learn to make a midi controller for a Master System with little-scale, learn LSDJ with cTrix, learn LGPTracker with lazerbeat, or be there for a panel discussion about the chipmusic scene, moderated by Nullsleep, featuring guests dot.AY, Bit Shifter, Hally, lazerbeat and Patric Catani
3) Pre and after parties - including an open mic on the Thursday night. Definitley worth checking out as some of Australias best are actually either playing this show OR playing the open mic.
4) Multimedia, we've been doing weekly updtes and adding more and more multimedia to the blip page, including an amazing invite ROM created by Batsly Adams, with music from Animal Style!

Go check out all the details about these bits and piece on the Blip websites at http://blipfestival.org/
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