Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blip Update

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Ok, we've been super lax updating the sound-bytes blog. The blip webpage has taken priority with constant updates and new info being added.
So, what have we missed putting here?
1) line up additions.  Monodeer (NL), Jayson Haebich (Melb), Old Grey Wolf (NZ) and Gentle Hurst (Syd) have now joined the lineup
2) Workshops and panel discussions. This is such a good list. We're doing multiple workshops on the Saturday You can learn to make a midi controller for a Master System with little-scale, learn LSDJ with cTrix, learn LGPTracker with lazerbeat, or be there for a panel discussion about the chipmusic scene, moderated by Nullsleep, featuring guests dot.AY, Bit Shifter, Hally, lazerbeat and Patric Catani
3) Pre and after parties - including an open mic on the Thursday night. Definitley worth checking out as some of Australias best are actually either playing this show OR playing the open mic.
4) Multimedia, we've been doing weekly updtes and adding more and more multimedia to the blip page, including an amazing invite ROM created by Batsly Adams, with music from Animal Style!

Go check out all the details about these bits and piece on the Blip websites at


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