Friday, March 9, 2012

Blip Festival Australia 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012
It's been far too long since we have posted for you guys. We realise that most people follow our SoundBytes facebook page to get their news about SoundBytes, so during the leadup to blip, we admit our focus has been there and on the Blip Site.

Now that it's all past we can do a little bit of a wrapup.

The four days of Blip (if you include the pre and post parties) were just amazing, with performances from a massive line up of Australian and international performances - not only chip ones, but we were incredibly fortunate to have a super special guest, Amanda Palmer, take part doing a track with dot.AY

We also had a surprise special guest for those people who stuck around to the end of Saturday with a short and sweet cTrix set that rocked the house.
We also had special guests in the form of Good Game
who were on hand to film the event, do some interviews
and, it would appear generally rock out and have a good time.

The segment appeared on Good Game earlier this week and
was incredibly well recieved by gamers and chipmusic fans alike.

We also had a very successful open mic and discovered some great new talent who you might just see on a SoundBytes bill later in the yearm both a combination of names we had heard of before and some new stars in the making too, which was super exciting for us.

There was a large number of interviews and press appearances
both online, in print and on the radio, so we'll be linking to as many
of these as we can in a future update (rather than overwhelm this one
update, so keep an eye out!

There are some awesome photoes online, the ones that we have been lucky to have shared with us are available on photobucket but we've featured a few in this article too

We're already talking about the next SoundBytes, and even another
festival next year, so as always, watch this space!


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